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birthday messages from banas

b1a4 memories ; baro for disney channel korea. (2013)


my lovely baro ♡

happy 22/23rd birthday! for the past three years i have been a stan of b1a4, i’m so thankful for each and every one of your presence. thank you for your lovely smiles, jokes, tears, advice, and love. i appreciate you as an artist, a producer, an actor, a performer, and a human. seeing you grow up and mature (although you have arguably the lowest mental age out of all five members) as a person and an artist makes me very :’) happy happy happy happy birthday! 


Why wouldn't people be as interested in Ziam as with Larry?? They're both amazing.


I agree, nonnie. 

Are they both not beautiful couples? Look at the proud boyfriends.

And their dynamic is just wonderful.

And remember when stuff like this wasn’t forbidden?

And I could go on for hours about the fond and the sexual heat and how well they know each other. I’m just 100% here for both. And anyone who isn’t has my condolences. You’re missing out and it’s a tragedy. 

I want them to have the happiest of endings. I want what Harry wants:

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advance happy birthday dearest hongbin aka the bias wrecker!! thank u for always making me smile and for brightening my mood all the freaking time. u dont know how the littlest thing u do can make my day wonderful! u are a very talented person (geez i dont even know why people think that u’re not talented i think they need glasses with like 1000000 grade) and dont mind the people who thinks of u as a low person!! stay just the way u are and all the efforts u put through and everything like there are so many it might take months for me to name it will definitely be worth it because YOU are worthy to be part of VIXX!! i love u so much and always smile (even if some people misspell ur name haha) 

Happy Birthday, Lee Hong Bin!

➥ "On any given day I do my best, and when there are days
that are tough. Sometimes I rely on my members, and
sometimes I become their strength." (x)

Thank you for working so hard for us these past two years. We know it’s not easy being an idol and you are an inspiration for overcoming what other people have said about you! It’s been such an honour watching you grow from your myDOL days to who you are now, an older, more mature person getting to do things he’s worked so hard for. Please never forget to take care of yourself and to stay healthy!